Directional HI END column loudspeakers

New model of directional HI END column loudspeakers in two corner system with 2x12'' and 1x1,5'' loudspeakers; beryllium is made of custom materials, which allowed to create an uniform housing. The material used in its production eliminates column's resonance.

Bass speakers have hard suspensions, thanks to which the base is strong and profound, whereas the full-range loudspeaker with beryllium membrane provides with dynamic and clear sound, reflecting the slightest music details. Tone of instruments is very realistic. Columns have been painted with piano finish.

Technical data:
Power handling 800 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Sensitivity 97 dB
Beamwidth 30-20 kHz
Width 1400 mm
Weight 100 kg each

High Quality


We care about finishing details and quality materials.

Tube amplifiers


Transmitters with very good acoustics and sound.


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We take care of every detail. Metal parts coated with 24 carat gold.